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Violin lessons in Derby

My name is Justin and I teach violin to all ages and abilities in Oakwood, Derby. Lessons are kept fun and relaxed, covering all styles of music. I guide and support students from complete beginners, right through to advanced level, helping you to learn to play music that you enjoy and are passionate about.

ABRSM grades 1-8 are taught with an in-depth insight, knowledge and expertise so that the more serious student can achieve the best results as a musician, furthering their study and musical journey.

More about Justin ...

Justin is a passionate, professional and very patient music teacher with over thirty years solo, orchestral and ensemble playing experience and over twenty years teaching experience. He teaches violin to children as young as four and adults of any age and ability.

As a student, Justin studied music professionally at Birmingham Conservatoire (1996-2000) and gained a BMus (Hons) degree from this established Music College. He gained a wealth of experience, studying and being taught by many national and international soloists/teachers throughout childhood and whilst studying for his degree.

Lesson fees: £22 per 30 minutes

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Justin’s violin lessons begin with a very specialist teaching method which quickly introduce the student to all notes in the initial position and on every string of the instrument. Technique is taught at the same time and Justin always keeps a very close eye on maintaining the correct bow hold, general posture whilst holding/playing the violin and learning in a very relaxed and stress free environment.

ABRSM grades are generally used throughout the learning process (1-8) as they are great goals for each student to continue to progress and achieve results.

Students can learn any style of music from Baroque and Classical eras to film, folk, jazz and pop. Children and adults are welcome to learn, whatever their age and ability and studying for music exams are by no means essential in the learning process. Every lesson is geared towards the student, whether they want to learn for fun or to study further in a more serious way.

Benefits of Violin for Children

There is a mystique that surrounds the violin. It is one of the most well-known stringed instruments. Children often are attracted to how sophisticated it looks to play violin. A child typically becomes fascinated between the ages of 7 to 10, although that age varies a LOT.

Physical Benefits of Learning Violin for Children

A child learning the violin reaps many benefits from it. Physically, your child gains strength and flexibility in the upper body. Due to developing the skills and muscle memory needed for playing, their arms and fingers become stronger as they learn exciting and new techniques.

Your child's posture generally improves, due to strengthening their back, shoulders, and upper arms. The back will gain strength, with the need to sit up straight whilst playing. The shoulders and upper arms bear the extra weight of the instrument and its bow, as well as the weight of both arms.

Little fingers of both hands will gain strength and the left hand fingers will gain nimbleness due to quicker movements as they press down on the strings of the violin. Finally, the right hand will learn to control the bow and coordinate its movements with the left hand.

How your Child's Mind Benefits from Learning Violin

A recent study concluded that essentially, when a child plays an instrument, changes tend to occur in the mind and brain:

  1. Improved attention span and focus
    Your child must focus on learning both the violin itself and how to read music
  2. Sharpened memory
    They will need to memorise both physical movements to make music, as well as how to read music
  3. Improved self-discipline
    For correct intonation, your child will need to practise certain skills repetitively

The largest amount of changes brought about by musical training is between the ages of 7 and 13. However, younger children certainly reap similar benefits.

Learning music in general helps children with their general communication skills and young musicians who have been learning for longer periods tend to show improvements in verbal ability and visual pattern completion.

Social Benefits for Children

There are other benefits that are clear, even without quoting scientific studies. Playing the violin gives your child something to talk to others about. They have the opportunity to proudly talk about their new skills to relatives and friends. Imagine attending a concert in which your child (niece, nephew, cousin, etc) is performing!

If he or she is an introvert, playing the violin can give them the opportunity to play in an orchestra with others and improve their social interaction. They can learn responsibility by helping other budding violinists in the class or group to learn the music. Self-discipline through practising, or perhaps even playing a violin solo eventually.

If your child wants to play simply for the pleasure of playing, rather than socially, it still gives them an area where they have some control. Some of my best memories of learning to play the violin are from when I was playing with friends as part of a group/ensemble.

Or, if your child is an extrovert, violin can give children a chance to spend some time focusing and concentrating on the skills necessary to improve their playing. They will be improving concentration, memory, self-discipline and more with practise.

Justin’s violin teaching material ...

Here is an example of Justin’s teaching material, to give an idea of the many different styles of music that can be studied from beginner level ...

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All books are available from ...

ABRSM Violin Examination Study

For further information about studying for music examinations/grades, please click on this link -

Purchasing a violin (beginner packages to advanced) -

Justin recommends one very specialist shop when purchasing a violin. Tim Toft Violins offer a very bespoke service, where buying your first, second violin or just up-grading to a better quality instrument is all taken care of at this very special and cost effective shop. All instruments sold are extremely good quality and maintained to a superb standard before being sold to the public.

If a child is starting to learn the violin from a young age, they will need the smallest violin size. When you buy initially from Tim Toft, you will be able to exchange/up-grade to a bigger/better violin as your child grows and improves. It is financially beneficial to buy from a very established and economical environment, rather than purchasing an instrument online and knowing little about the quality of the instrument until it arrives in the post, sounding pretty bad! Please follow my advice and visit Tim Toft Violins, where you will be advised and offered the best service and instrument for your/your child’s needs.

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Derby Private Piano Teacher

Justin has almost twenty years experience teaching piano in three very established independent schools. Bromsgrove School, Worcester, Repton Preparatary School (Foremarke Hall), Derbyshire and Nottingham High School.

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Derby Violin Tuition

Students can learn any style of music from Baroque and Classical eras to film, folk, jazz and pop. Children and adults are welcome to learn, whatever their age and ability and studying for music exams are by no means essential in the learning process.

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About Justin Burton Piano & Violin Tuition

Justin was born in the West Midlands and comes from a very musical family. Studying music was a very important part of childhood and his studies took him to train professionally, being awarded a music scholarship to study at Birmingham Conservatoire, gaining a BMus (hons) degree.

Whilst in his final (4th) year at music college, Justin accepted a teaching post at Bromsgrove School, Worcester as a piano and violin teacher (particularly focusing on infant school age as an early years specialist).

Soon after graduating, Justin accepted a teaching post at Repton Preparatary School (Foremarke Hall), Derbyshire where he taught for sixteen years before moving to Nottingham High School. Justin has always been particularly drawn towards teaching music and this teaching gene has always naturally been there for him since day one.

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